Sheltering Efforts

Great River Asylum Support Partners

The goal of GRASP is to do what is necessary to provide a safe and peaceful place for families and individuals seeking asylum in the United States of America. We believe that welcoming diverse people into our community enhances all of our lives. New languages, life experiences, and cultural diversity are gifts we receive in welcoming asylum seekers from foreign lands.

Winona Afghan Support Network

The Winona Afghan Support Network (WASN) is a community coalition that started meeting in the late summer of 2021 to support Afghan refugees in their transition to creating a home in the United States.


Harriet and Huff Street Homes

It has been the dream of the Winona Sheltering Network (WSN) to purchase houses in Winona that can serve as multi-purpose spaces, offering shelter and care for people who are seeking a better way of life in our country. They have made this dream a reality! The first family occupying this house was an Afghan Family that WASN worked hard to resettle in Winona.