Support Edelber

Our friend, Edelber, was kidnapped in October of 2021 by gang members near Cali, Colombia, and was told he would have to join their gang, or he would be killed. He was told he had 48 hours to make a decision. Edelber was able to escape, and make it back to his home. He packed some belongings and it was decided he should leave Colombia. His wife and two boys had family nearby and stayed, with a plan to follow him soon.
Edelber is now in the United States legally, employed, paying taxes, volunteering in his community, and finishing vocational training in robotics through his employer. He is a respected community member. He saved money to send for his family, and they left Colombia in mid-March of 2024. They are now reunited, but still need financial support to help with incurred debts to make it here.