New Garden!

Thanks to the Falcon View Connections Academy for helping us create a garden at the Huff Street house on Saturday! FVCA is an online charter school; some of the students and teachers drove from 3+ hours away!
They helped some of the kids paint terra cotta pots, then fill the pots with flowers. They also planted gladiolus and sunflower seeds, as well as mint, cilantro, and dill (all spices used in Afghan cooking). Then they had a traditional Afghan lunch and learned about the situation in Afghanistan and the challenges faced by Afghan refugees settling in America. Then it was off to the park for a game of tag and ice cream.
The Khostai family will be buying plants to grow in a (donated) raised bed planter: peppers, chives, more herbs and other good things to eat. Next time you’re passing by on Huff Street, slow down and take a look at the beautiful pots and flowers!