Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

As summer comes to an end and autumn begins, WASN has embraced the changing of the seasons by welcoming thirteen additional Afghan newcomers into the Winona community.

The Khostai family (with the addition of baby Zia Ullah) returned to Winona in the beginning of August and once again is calling the Huff Street house their home.  The family is excited and happy to be back, with an almost daily venture to the Lake Park to explore the playground and bike path.

Their cousins, the Zarma Din family, also recently moved to Winona from Erie, Pennsylvania, and are quickly settling in as the Khostai kids show them the fastest shortcuts to the park and how to (mostly) stay out of mischief. 

WASN also welcomed Mirza from Detroit, Michigan.  He became close friends with Haibat at Fort McCoy and is currently living with Haibat and his brother, Baloch, on the east side of Winona. As you can see from the photo on the left, they are happy to be reunited. 

One of the reasons for moving to Winona voiced by many of the Afghan newcomers, is the personal support and warm connection that WASN and the Winona community offers them. In the places they moved from, the family members and individuals lacked the resources and advocacy they needed in order to thrive in their new communities.

With that being said, WASN is looking for more volunteers to join our growing community. Volunteer opportunities range from things like driving to appointments and practicing English, to helping with Driver’s Permit tests and schoolwork.  Email to learn more.
Connecting through Community
Another way to become a part of our growing community is by becoming a monthly sustaining member. Our goal is to have ’30 for 30′ each month – that’s 30 people pledging to donate $30 every month.  Becoming a sustaining member is secure, easy to sign up for, and all donations are tax-deductible.Click here for examples of how your donation will be used and stay tuned for information on a brand new way to connect, starting in October,  the Afghan Cafe!
Pictured: Dwayne, Torab, & Noorya – WSHS football game.
With September and the changing of the seasons comes the beginning of school! All of the kids, besides the two youngest, are attending school this year. Mariya, who just started preschool for the first time this week, has been singing the ‘ABC song’ ever since. Thank you to everyone who made this possible with your generous donations!